Kate + Caitlyn || A Photoshoot In A Storm Cloud

So, without getting too wordy here (because I hope you're excited to just go look straight at the photos), this is probably one of my favorite shoots I've ever done. Despite the unplanned weather, which included super thick fog, intense wind, and the occasional hail and rain, this shoot couldn't have come out any better.

The funny thing is, I had all these ideas in my head of all the photos and poses I had planned for each location. But, I quickly realized that the beautiful vista of all the lakes was shrouded by a mass of grey, and the field that looks like magic lit up by the sunset was a soupy, damp mess, and the beautifully dark woods were just a black hole of mushy ground, so I had to improvise. MAJORLY improvise. I had 2 models who were fully done up in hair and makeup and there was no backing out now.

Never did I expect to improvise on this level. I am so glad I took on the challenge though, because seriously guys... I'm. In. Love. With. This. Shoot.

However, an absolutely HUGE shoutout has to be made to a few people:

Alex Stevens: my new favorite HMUA. This girl is so talented and knew exactly what I wanted with little direction. I don't think I'll ever go to anyone else! She was willing to trek into the mountains with me and do/re-do 2 girls hair and makeup throughout the whole thing, without even thinking twice. (Check out that contour and highlight on Kate and Caitlyn. In Alex's words, it's FLEEKY.)
To check Alex out on social media, or book her to make you look fancy, click these links:


Kate and Caitlyn: my two models, who braved the elements for my crazy ideas. These girls ran around with me, even going barefoot to get the shots. (In dresses, and no coats.) Also, I'm pretty sure they're actually meant to be models and they just don't realize it yet, because they were such a breeze to shoot with! (If you guys wanna shoot with me again in less insane weather, I am SO down.) They did whatever I needed them to do to get the shot with zero complaints. That makes me the happiest photographer ever!

It takes team work to make the dream work. This shoot is a testament to that.

So, here it is:

A photoshoot in a storm cloud.

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