Day Tripping The Palouse

Last week, me and one of my best friends, Rachel, took a day trip around the Palouse. Our main destination was Palouse Falls, but you know that we took some detours and pit stops along the way! At Palouse Falls, we hiked to the upper falls, which was actually so much cooler than expected. (Next time I go back, I want to continue that hike to the top of the big waterfall! And down to the bottom, too.) We made a little stop at what all the hipsters like to call "That PNW Bus", which, honestly, was not that exciting. I do not recommend fishing your way through pokey grass just to see a graffiti'ed school bus with random shoes and spray paint cans inside. We also made a point to see the canola fields (those really pretty fields full of yellow flowers) where I got shocked by an electric fence, and finished off our day visiting Rachel's sister in Pullman.

My day trips with Rachel are seriously one of my favorite things. They never fail to be entertaining, and they never go as planned, but I think that's the best part.

Here's a bunch of little snapshots from the windy roads of the Palouse, and the weird as heck waterfall that is taller than Niagara Falls, in the middle of a Washington desert. Washington continues to amaze me with it's strange diversity.

Jessica MummComment