And then 10 weeks happened.

Here's the 9 images I created during the weeks that I wasn't blogging my project!

Here's the 9 images I created during the weeks that I wasn't blogging my project!

So... where do I start? 

I don't know how many people actually were reading my blog posts. But, if you were, you may have noticed that I have not blogged in a while. Ten weeks to be exact. No, I did not have some medical mishap that prevented me from doing so, no, I did not become lazy and just quit because I didn't care about it anymore, and no, I did not run out of things to talk about. (Guys, I'm pretty sure I could write 10 novels on different topics that I'm passionate about in life. Don't even get me started.) 

The reason that I stopped blogging is that it started to become more of a chore, than anything. I wanted to blog every week to accompany the image from my project, but that became sort of stale. Not everyone wants to hear about how you lit and shot and edited the image when 95% of the people reading it won't understand any of the technical lingo that us photographer use daily. Trust me, I don't expect you to know what frequency separation or chromatic aberration or dodge burning are. Heck, I barely know what they are. Additionally, not every week's image had a "bloggable" story behind it. Some weeks went terribly awry and made for good little snippets to write for you guys, and some weeks went miraculously well and those stories were blog worthy too. But sometimes, I would just have a week where I'd do a shoot, and it would go fine, and I would go about my business. Twice so far, I've had weeks where I was either really sick, or extremely busy, and couldn't fit a shoot into my schedule, so I re-edited older images, and really, what is there to say about that? "Hey guys, here's an old image that I made look better. Cool." End of story.

I did not feel as though there was consistency, and I was writing because I had to, not because I wanted to. This took me back to the same feeling I had in high school when I was taking AP and College English level classes and writing essays weekly. Sometimes, even daily, for practice testing. It was exhausting, and it was always about material I couldn't possibly care less about. It burned me out and after high school, I convinced myself that I totally hated writing, when in reality, I just hated writing about things that didn't interest me. So when I discovered that I could blog and use my platform in photography to speak about things I actually gave a damn about, it was refreshing, and I fell back in love with writing again! 

This time around, I absolutely did not want to get to the point of convincing myself I hated writing. Words are beautiful things, and when put in the right order, can speak absolute volumes. So, I tapped out before I got that exhausted. 

Just this week, I got back from one of the best vacations of my life, and today, I spent the entire day re-vamping and re-doing my website. Something about coming back from a great trip always has me refreshed and charges my motivation back up, so I wanted to take that and put it towards something that I'd set down for a while! 

I can't promise you all weekly blog posts about my shoots. And I can't promise absolute consistency. But, I want to get back to writing about things that are actually prevalent in my life, whether they're photography related or not. Although, let's be honest, my whole life basically revolves around photography, so most of them probably will. 

What would you guys like me to write about? Are there photography related things you'd like to learn more about? If you have any feedback for me, please don't hesitate to let me know, I'd love to cater to what you all would like to hear!

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