A Week Of Crazy.

So last month, I subjected myself to the craziest week ever: Shoot a wedding in Spokane, drive to Seattle, film a wedding in Seattle, drive to Spokane, and then film another wedding in Spokane. All in 5 days. Holy moly. It was a blast, but so exhausting! (I filmed a bit of each day from our week and a video is coming your way soon!) During this whole travel and wedding craziness, Colton and I decided that we should at least squeeze some fun, non-work related activities in to make all that driving worth our time! On the first driving day we headed out to Olympic National Park and hit up Hurricane Ridge for golden hour, and dang, was that incredible. 360 degree views of the mountains and deer everywhere you went. Such a cool experience! Then on the way back to Spokane we stopped at Mt. Rainier, since I've never actually been able to see it in person. Every time I've been in Seattle it's been too cloudy and I've missed it! Luckily, it was a beautiful sunny day and the mountain was out in all it's glory. I strongly recommend seeing it in person at some point in your life because it is 100 times more incredible in person than it is in a photo. The sheer size of it will leave your jaw on the ground. 

Here's a small collection of photos from these little side field trips!

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