Spring In Seattle

As i dig into writing these blog posts describing my trips, shoots, weddings, etc., I wonder how many of you actually read them, or just look at all the pretty pictures 😜 and hey, I don’t blame you! Why do you think I get sucked into Instagram every evening? So anyways, if you read the following little blurb all about my 2 weeks in Seattle, thank you for taking 10 minutes to learn a little bit more about me, my life, and what I do!

So you probably see that I’m in Seattle semi-frequently. Sometimes it’s for work, and sometimes its for fun, but this time around I was in town to do some house / cat sitting at a family member’s neighbors house! Of course, I made sure to extend my trip a little longer to squeeze in some fun hikes, time with friends, and of course lots of sightseeing. Additionally, when I’m on the west side I try to try as much new food as possible, as well as hit up some old faves, because the restaurant diversity over there is tenfold what it is in Spokane! Some personal faves that you should make a stop at if you’re in the Seattle area are Un Bien for lunch (most incredible Caribbean sandwiches on this planet), Hi Spot Cafe for really good breakfast, Frankie + Jo’s for ice cream, Dicks for burgers (a classic), and any of the boba places (there’s a ton), because that’s my recent obsession and we only have ONE place in Spokane to get it!

On my first Saturday there, Colton and I went to check out Wallace Falls State Park. There’s a trail there that takes you to three total waterfalls! We only hit the first 2 because the third one was a climb, and the whole trail already goes up and down so many times that it feels like you’re hiking something with much more elevation gain. Also, to be completely honest, we were just hungry and wanted Chick-Fil-A (priorities). I would recommend checking this place out, but keep in mind that it’s a very busy trail, especially on the weekend! Arrive early to ensure parking. Also check out Index and the surrounding areas while you’re there!

During my week house sitting, I spent my days working (perks of being self employed!), snuggling the two cats at the house, Pippa and Aki, walking through the super cute Seattle neighborhoods and enjoying all the spring blooms, and getting out to enjoy the breaks of good weather here and there. There truly is so much to do in Seattle within such a small radius!

The following weekend, Laura + Cailee met me in town and we had a day full of fun activities! We got to check out Cultivate Propagate, which is one of the best plant shops I’ve ever been to, located in Queen Anne. They have the most unique and impressive selection of plants and I’d highly recommend you go there if you love house plants! We got lunch at Un Bien, waited for a storm to pass at the beach at Golden Gardens, and then enjoyed a nice sunny beach walk before grabbing ice cream and parting ways. From there, Laura and I went to Gas Works park in Fremont to watch the sun set over the city. One of the best city views in Seattle is there!

As my time in Seattle reached a close, I was starting to get antsy. I had been in the busy city for just a little too long, and I knew that the mountains were waiting on me to get out explore. I convinced my aunt Pam to hike up Rattlesnake Ledge with me on a sunny Monday afternoon, but as we drove further from the city, the weather started looking more and more bleak. We arrive to a very cloudy, moody looking scene in North Bend, and as we started to climb, we felt a few rain drops. We pushed on regardless, and we were rewarded with some of the most unique views at the top! Off in the distance was clear skies, but very close to us were some gnarly looking rain clouds. The good thing about this is that there was hardly anyone at the top, and we got to enjoy some solitude up there, which is super uncommon for that trail. Watching a storm move through the mountains is one of the most exhilarating things, and though it’s rare, I totally love when this happens!

On my last day in town, Colton and I got together one more time to check out the Deception Pass area. This is the area that connects Whidbey Island to mainland Washington, and it features a couple really cool bridges, beaches, and sweeping ocean views! It couldn’t have been a better day weather wise, and we covered all the major stops in the park. One particular spot ended up really wow-ing us, and we both agreed we’d be back for a sunset sometime! On the drive back into the city, we caught some glimpses of Mt. Rainier, so we took a quick detour over to Kerry Park to snag some photos of the mountain and the city together before heading to the airport so I could fly home. I’ll be honest, I’ve never wanted to stay in Seattle more than I did on that day. The weather had been incredible, all of the mountain views were out, and I knew I had a million more adventures I wanted to take before I left! Which can only mean one thing: a million more of these trips and blog posts to come!

If you read all of that and you’re here now, THANK YOU! Drop me a comment if you made it this far and let me know which photo below is your favorite! It’s a total random mix of everything from DSLR photos to random snaps from my iPhone. Of course, if you want to see daily posts and stories from me with more of these sweet sweet views, make sure to follow me on Instagram! And if you ever have any questions or are looking for ideas of what to do in the Seattle area, please make sure to send me a message and I’ll help you out!

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