A Sunny January Day In Seattle

Last week, my Aunt Pam flew me to Seattle to photographer the people she calls mom and dad’s 80th birthday celebration (a whole other post dedicated to those photos coming up next!), and because I adore Seattle and also wanted to escape the Spokane winter gloom, I stayed a few extra days and had some fun! One of the days was spent with Colton, who you’ll probably recognize if you’ve been following me for a while. Colton is one of my best friends from college and he moved back to Bremerton in 2014, but we’ve had that kind of friendship that just picks up where it left off whenever we get to hang out. So we planned a day with only a few parameters in mind: eat Chick-Fil-A (my fast food obsession; when are we getting one in Spokane?!), take some updated photos for each other, and have fun! I think we definitely accomplished all three.

We got insanely lucky (for Seattle in January) and got a beautiful sunny day and 45 degree temperatures! Since I’m acclimated to sub freezing-Spokane winters, this almost felt like spring. I barely wore a jacket and it was AWESOME.

Before we got onto our adventures, we grabbed lunch and Chick-Fil-A, and then set off to the Capitol Hill area. We went to Volunteer Park Conservatory, and if you love plants or greenhouses, this is an absolute must visit when you’re in Seattle. If you’re reading this right when I’ve posted it, admission is free until the end of February, which is an even better reason to stop by! They have one of the most impressive collections of plants I’ve ever seen, and their tropical foliage, like monstera, alocasia, and philodendrons (sorry to go all plant nerd on you), are absolutely massive. You can’t get a scale of how amazingly huge these plants are until you see them in person. Ask Colton, I was freaking out. I’m pretty sure they switch out some of the plants every so often as well, so this will probably become a regular stop for me whenever I’m on the west side and looking for things to do.

After the conservatory, we went to catch sunset at Golden Gardens park! Golden Gardens is a perfect little beach park with a few fireplaces and plenty of sand to walk down the shore, or just hang out. I could totally see this being a perfect spot to soak up some sun or have a bonfire in the summertime. We got some amazing golden light to take some photos, and we both captured a ton of portraits for each other! (I’ve only included the ones I took of Colton on this post.) As someone who spends the majority of my time behind the camera, having my photo taken is a somewhat painful experience, but totally necessary, as being self employed means that your face is the image of your business! But Colton has always taken some of my favorite photos of myself, and he definitely delivered on them this time too. You can go on a little scavenger hunt around my website to find some of them, and I’ll be sharing them periodically on my Instagram! And please don’t forget to follow him on his social media accounts (hello, he’s mega talented); I’ll link them below!

I’m so glad I had a day to forget that it was winter and catch up with a good friend. When you live somewhere that gets cold and bleak during this time of year, I think it’s so important to get out of town once or twice throughout the season and do something you enjoy! I think I’ll probably make it a yearly tradition to head to the west side for a little while during the snowy season.

Enjoy a little collection of planty goodness, and my favorite photos I took of Colton!

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