Rosie + Daniel || Engaged

I think I start every 3 or 4 blog posts with something along the lines of "I've been so bad at blogging lately, so this is me playing catch up." Well, folks, we're here again, so in classic Jessica fashion, expect a few blogs over the next week or so and then we'll see each other again in a month or two 😬 Just keeping it real over here!

Anyways, enough about my procrastination problem. Today I'm sharing my faves from Rosie and Daniel's engagement session! Over the past few years of doing photography professionally, I'm always pleasantly surprised to be contacted by people I knew forever ago, people I went to school with, or people I have mutual friends with. It's such a small world, and especially in the Spokane area! Rosie and I attended church camp together years and years ago and I was so excited to hear from her when she contacted me about their engagement shoot! I love re-connecting with old friends, acquaintances, and classmates!

Rosie, Daniel and I spent some time out at Tubbs Hill on Coeur d'Alene Lake, walking the trails and shooting their engagement session. It was a mostly cloudy day but we lucked out with some bursts of quick sunshine every once in a while that felt so exciting, being at the tail end of winter! We spent most of the time roaming around the trails and beaches, laughed as Daniel almost football style tackled Rosie from behind (see photo below!) and had plenty of giggle inducing tickle fights. (Note: when you book and engagement shoot with me, I'm definitely going to direct you to have a tickle fight. If that's not your thing then proceed with caution 😜) It was a lovely afternoon and I'm so happy to have captured these moments for Daniel and Rosie! Congrats on your engagement, you two, and I hope you have the happiest wedding and marriage!

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