Nicole + Zach || Engaged

Recently, I got to take Nicole + Zach’s engagement photos! It had been a long time coming; we had originally scheduled their session in the winter and then we got hit with the most crazy, freezing cold snowy weather so we had to keep pushing it back. Let me just say, I’m so glad that we ended up getting to shoot in early spring, because spring weather is moody, and we got a whole gamut of lighting situations! I swear, their session looks like it was shot on 5 different days and I am HERE for it!

It was really nice to spend a couple hours getting to know these two and capturing their relationship, because I’ll be shooting their wedding this summer! Booking your engagement session with your wedding photographer is the best idea because you get to do a little trial run before the wedding, get to know each other, and get comfortable with being photographed so that by the wedding day things feel more natural and effortless! I had such a great afternoon with Nicole + Zach and loved learning all about their life together, their jobs, and what makes them unique.

We wandered all over the Liberty Lake area and got such a variety of scenery! It ended up being a wonderful time (and it didn’t rain, thank goodness). I love how their session turned out, and it made me even more excited to shoot their wedding this summer!

Keep on scrolling to check out my faves from their shoot!

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