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Last year, Kiley sent me an e-mail that she was referred to me by my good friend Colton, since he was unavailable to shoot her wedding. And man, am I so glad that he was because getting to hang out with Kiley and Kramer on their big day, and capture every fun moment was and absolute honor and a total blast! They welcomed us in like family, and Abby and I were having the best time, the whole day. These two radiated happiness and love and I've hardly seen two people more stoked to be getting married. You can just tell these guys are always having a good time, and there's never a dull moment around them and their families. (I think you'll definitely be able to tell that with their reception photos!)

During their first look, Kramer turned around to see Kiley and just sort of stood there in shock. I don't think he could believe his eyes, and it was the cutest thing! Then she had a first look with her dad, and guys, her relationship with her dad couldn't be more adorable. Her dad brought the same car that they drove off in at their wedding to her wedding, and her pure love and admiration for that car with her dad was super special. And then as the cherry on top, her and her dad had the most epic father daughter dance together that started out super sweet, and then halfway through, switched to this epic choreographed number that they put together! These two have no shame and everyone was just cheering and laughing the whole time. Honestly, guys. We had so, so much fun at their wedding and it was an honor to be the one to photograph the day. 

Additionally, every cute sign you'll see photos of in this gallery was all handmade by Kiley. She's so talented! Every single little detail of their day was perfect. All around, this was a wedding to remember! Congrats, Kiley + Kramer!

Second Shooter: Abby Muir

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