Ben + Rauha || A Garden Wedding

Guys, where the heck do I even begin with this wedding? Ben and Rauha's day was so perfect in so many ways. It was laid back, personal to them, and such a awesome celebration of their love. I don't know how I'm so lucky to capture people like this, but all I know is that about 5 months ago I was meeting 2 strangers an hour outside of town at 4:30 in the morning to shoot their engagement photos, and by the end of their wedding, I left feeling so happy to know them and so stoked to have captured their wedding day. Some highlights are as follows:

Rauha didn't wear a typical wedding dress. She instead chose a beautiful pink, floral gown that was so fitting to her and their day! It was so unique and I strongly suggest more brides consider doing this. It was truly one of a kind!

They got married in their uncle's back yard, where they grew all of the food for their dinner! They spent all summer tending to a garden full of vegetables and raising chickens to create this incredible dinner for their wedding guests. (I went a little overboard on the food photos here, but you'll see why. It was INSANE. The Ivory Table put together an amazing spread and it tasted just as good as it looked.) I've never seen someone look so genuinely happy about food until I saw Ben look at the final presentation of everything. They couldn't have done a better job at putting all of it together.

Don't get me wrong, I love a big, elaborate wedding, but something about these small, personal, backyard summer weddings really gets me. Ben and Rauha's wedding was a perfect representation of them and I can't WAIT for you to look through their photos! Enjoy!

Second shot with the very talented Clare Pursch!

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