A Week In Glacier National Park

This summer, I got to take a dream trip: a week in Glacier National Park with my best friend, Abby.  Too good to be true, right? A week of camping, hiking, sight seeing, and photographing with one of my favorite people on this planet! We saw all kinds of wildlife (except a bear, which I have mixed feelings about; like how cool would it be, but also how scary!) and no shortage of mountains. Luckily, we were there right before all the crazy fires started and shut down half the park, and for that I'm SO grateful. We caught a teeny bit of smoke at the end of the week from the fires blowing south from Canada, and had one rainy day which was actually such a blessing, since our bodies needed a break from all the miles we were killing in the first half of the week, but other than that we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!

We put down about 30 miles on the trails, and two of the highlights were Grinnell Glacier and The Highline. Grinnell is one of the last accessible glaciers left in the park and is completely worth seeing. The scale in person doesn't even compare to the photos, and seeing a glacier in person was totally a bucket list experience. As if that wasn't cool enough, we got to hear a chunk of ice crack off, which sounded more like a loud gunshot. SUCH a surreal experience! The Highline was just as amazing with super expansive views back into Logan Pass and a serious feeling of accomplishment after crushing 12 miles in a day. We hiked to lots of cool spots, but these two were my favorite.

We ate lots of roadside meals, drove around a ton, didn't sleep a lot, and enjoyed all of it. If I didn't have to worry about a real adult life, I think I would just camp and live nomadically. Something about spending time in epic places with no cell service and minimal amenities is so relaxing. If you can take a trip like this sometime in your near future, I'd highly recommend it, especially to Glacier. Truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen with my own two eyes (so far). 

Here's my big old collection of photos, with some iPhone photos mixed in. Enjoy!

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