Austin + Amanda || Mitcham's Barn

Over this summer, I've been lucky to work with so many couples who are totally just making their wedding day about themselves. You've got this whole day to get married, and I believe you should do whatever you want with it! Austin and Amanda really did do just that! After Austin and his guys finished getting ready, they all went to one of their favorite places for lunch, and Amanda went with her maid of honor to get ice cream. They spent their day hanging out with their friends and family, and Austin's band played during the reception. (Him and over half the bridal party is in the band!) Future couples take note: you can make your wedding day anything you want it to be, so make it true to you and do the things that make you happy! (And then hire me to capture it all! 😉)

Back in early spring, I got to take Austin and Amanda's engagement photos, and I knew from that experience that they were going to be wonderful people to work with. They're both so positive and fun, and I could tell that they genuinely enjoyed the experience of having their photos taken (guys, it can be hard and really scary!), which felt like such a win in my book! Anytime I can get people to be comfortable on shoots is a success. They're two of the sweetest and most fun loving people I've gotten to know in this journey as a photographer. Easily one of my favorite parts to this job is the people I get to meet and become friends with along the way.

I made sure to include lots of candids and funny photos of the bridal party in this post because you guys, they're a hoot. Austin's group of friends are so goofy together, and it was hard to catch them not laughing at each other and cracking jokes! I was actually laughing out loud trying to edit these because they just totally egg each other on and have no reservations about being themselves. I loved it!

I think if every future client I get to work with is like these two, I'll be happy. I loved hanging out with them on their wedding day and I hope that you guys love their photos as much as I do!

Second Shooter: Abby Muir

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