Back To Basics. || Alex's New Blue Hair, And Working On My Weaknesses

So naturally, as I'm always playing catch-up on things in life, I realized that I never blogged this quick portrait session I had with Alex in early December, before the snow hit! It had been a while since I'd shot anything that wasn't a client assignment, and she'd recently switched up her hair to this awesome blue color, so it seemed like a perfect time for photos.

I decided to challenge myself and use a lens I haven't used in a while: the 50mm. To most of you that don't speak photography language, I'm a 35mm girl through and through, which is a wider focal length, allowing for those dreamy shots of a couple or a person in a beautiful landscape. The 50mm is more zoomed, and less my style, but it's a lens I used to shoot on a lot so I figured I should revisit it and flex my creative muscles a little! Something I usually don't shoot are super close up portraits, and I tend to stray away from poses where the subject is looking directly into the camera. You might notice a pattern in my work where the subject is usually looking away, or down, or has their eyes closed, and I think I just subconsciously do that a lot because it alludes to that more candid, natural feel. My least favorite thing are stark, simple poses of someone looking into the camera and smiling, unless that's something they naturally did. So, I figured I might as well try to tackle the two things I usually avoid in this shoot, and let me tell you, it was hard! I totally felt out of my comfort zone, but I think that's a good thing. One of my goals is to try and be more diverse with my work, and focus on more of those tighter shots, because I think they add a little extra to the set as a whole. 

So, here's my super quick shoot with Alex! You already know I threw in some of my favorite wider shots too. But I actually found I really like the look of the wider shots done on the 50mm! I'll definitely be trying to incorporate it more into my future work!

If you like Alex's hair and want cool hair like her, she's your go to girl! Follow her work or book and appointment with her at the following links:

Alex's Instagram
Alex At TMP Salon on Facebook

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