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Let me just start this post by saying that this wedding was a special one. Over the past year, Alex was my roommate and friend, and so watching her go on this journey with Carter was something I got to experience firsthand. Carter started off as her friend, and more than anyone, someone who worked on her ever failing old truck. He was at our apartment often, fixing the next thing that would break and spending a lot of time with Alex. (Later we found out that that was his excuse to spend time with her.) While it came as a surprise that they started dating just a month or two later, I also sort of expected it to happen eventually. They have the same ridiculous sense of humor, like the same video games, and know how to banter back and forth in a way that most people wouldn't. What came as even more of a surprise, though, was their engagement. They wasted little time dating, because, when you know, you just know, right? Fast forward to September, the month of their wedding. It's kind of crazy how things came full circle because last September, Alex was just moving in with me and now this September, she's marrying Carter. I really did get to witness the entirety of their relationship all the way up to marriage, and I'm so glad to have had the privilege to watch them grow together, as well as help plan their wedding!

Alex knew she didn't want a white dress, like every other typical bride. If you know her, you've probably never seen her wear white, and it's a miracle if you see her in jeans. So we looked at some photos of black wedding dresses and it was decided that she was going to go for a very non typical black dress. After being disappointed by black formal dresses and prom dresses she'd looked at, she asked Mrs. Watts, aka Jennifer, aka her sort of mom / high school math teacher (being from a small town is weird, you guys.) to make one for her and it couldn't have come out more perfectly! Her dress acted as a frame for tattoos and the black veil really pulled it all together. I'm so stoked that I got the opportunity to photograph something this unique.

As the wedding day arrived, the weather was looking iffy. We woke up to rain and it drizzled off and on throughout the day. Luckily, the skies parted for their first look and we were blessed with some the most perfect overcast light that complimented the scenery and their attire perfectly. We got to the venue, did the rest of the photos, and were just waiting for the ceremony to start. About 20 minutes pre-ceremony, the downpour hit. It hadn't rained in Spokane in at least 80 days prior to this, but apparently this was going to be the day that the skies would open up on us! I'll never forget the moment when Mrs. Watts came into the bridal room and said "Carter made the executive decision to move the ceremony inside." You should have seen the look on Alex's face; nerves mixed with frustration were brimming over and we all had to make the realization that it was just not practical for everyone to go out in the torrential downpour.

So, the show went on, and it was just as simple and perfect and emotion filled, regardless of whether it got to happen inside or outside. Their vows were so heartfelt and personal to each other and it honestly couldn't have worked out better. After the ceremony, we even got to go get some super fun shots in the rain with an umbrella! (Not pictured, my soaking wet, spongy boots.) Following this, Carter and Alex served their guests dinner, speeches were made, and the night was finished with some dancing. All in all, a simple, yet beautiful day, that perfectly represented them.

Here's my favorite shots from the day! Just a few goofy moments included. 😉

Second shooter: Abby Muir

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