Abby At Sunrise || Portraits In The Eastern Washington Desert

For me, this whole photography thing started out with me taking my friends out to random places at sunset and taking photos of them. All we were doing is trying to create something cool, with no other intention but to create. As time has gone on and I've built a business out of this for myself, it's sometimes been very easy to overlook the sole purpose of why I enjoy doing what I do, and so it's very important that sometimes, I plan and style a shoot that solely scratches the creative itch lingering in the back of my head. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love shooting weddings and working with new people to bring their vision to life, but as an artist, balancing client work with personal work to fulfill that part of your creativity is SO important! So, what a better way to refresh my creativity than to work with 2 of my favorite people?

It's been a while since I had a proper portrait session with Abby. If you've been following me for a long time you know that we went to school together for photography and used to use each other as portrait subjects for projects all the time. Since we're both photographers, I feel totally safe and comfortable saying, "hey, I wanna try this really weird thing. It might be a total fail, but lets try it." And I think that's why I'm able to create so freely and so well with her, because we both have the mutual understanding that it's okay to try something different that may not work. But, in that event, you may create something incredible. I feel like we tapped into a little of that with this shoot!

I wanted these images to portray a relaxed, bohemian feel, with a mix of a more edgy, fashion type of vibe. I wanted her to look soft, yet confident, and just totally own how she looked / what she was doing and I think we nailed that! I knew within minutes of us starting the shoot that it felt really good. Of course, that wouldn't be possible without Alex (as always) on hair and makeup, working her magic. If you're looking for anyone in the Spokane area to do your hair, lashes, or makeup for events, SHE'S 👏🏻 YOUR 👏🏻 GIRL 👏🏻! To check out what Alex does and book with her, click here!

I don't know how I got so lucky to have such an awesome creative team, but all of the personal work I do wouldn't be possible without them! If you're interested in collaborating on a shoot like this in the future; send me a message and lets put something in the works!

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