A Classic Western WA Experience || Spring in Seattle

You know the saying that goes, "April showers bring May flowers"? Well, in Western Washington, it goes "Showers just bring even more showers, and that's it. The end." If I could pick one phrase to describe my last trip to Seattle, that would be it.

Okay, not ENTIRELY. But it always seemed to rain when we didn't want to, for the most part. We did, however, get really lucky a few times. Exhibit one: it rained the whole morning leading up to the wedding I was there to help Colton shoot, and then right when we got started, the rain stopped and held out for the entire afternoon. Then, as soon as we left, it started pouring again. Exhibit two: Very much against Colton's best interests, we hiked up Rattlesnake Ridge after filming the wedding, and saw the coolest rainbow over the valley at the top. (The photos absolutely don't do it justice at all, but it was awesome.)

So we did have a few rain-free times that were actually pretty cool. We also attempted to get out the the coast on the first day that I was there. It stopped raining at Lake Crescent for 5 whole minutes, and it was STUPID pretty! However after that, we hiked to Sol Duc falls and we got so soaked on that hike that it deterred us entirely to attempting to get all the way to the ocean and risk having an awful, windy, rainy time there. That makes for 2 of 2 attempts to get to the coast that were failures, due to weather. But it WILL happen. Hopefully soon.

Some of the main highlights from this trip include:

I got to see my best friend, Abby, while I was there! We watched Grey's Anatomy and saw some awesome city skyline views and ate all kinds of good food, and that, my friends, is the definition of a good time.

I got to film my very first wedding! Making wedding films isn't something I'm currently going to try to take on in my own business, but I get to help Colton film a ton of them this summer, and I'm so excited about that. (Keep a lookout for those, I'll share them for you guys and you can see all the pretty stuff we create!)

I checked a hike off my 2017 Goal Hikes List: Rattlesnake Ridge. Not particularly hard or anything, but super scenic, and it's just a must-do hike if you come to Washington. It's usually pretty crowded, given it's proximity to Seattle and it's easy skill level, but the views are awesome.

I saw some crazy awesome, super blue lakes, which I've decided are one of my favorite things, ever. It's so funny, because one of my main things I was excited to see in Canada was the glacially, bright blue lakes. I knew it wasn't likely, due to everything still being frozen up there. But I've actually seen more bright blue water in Washington than I have in Canada this year, and I just think that's so ironic. (If you're unsure what I'm referencing, google photos of Lake Louise or Moraine Lake, and you'll see what I mean. They're unreal.)

Colton and I took Wilson on his first beach trip, ever! The car ride there was filled with all kinds of anxiety and attempts to launch his body into the front seat, but we made it to a beach all in one piece, and the weather was sunny and beautiful. (Figures, it's nice on the last day I'm in town.) Wilson loved the water and very much enjoyed dunking his head under multiple times. He also couldn't sit still for a photo, so there isn't too many of those from that excursion. Everything was great until we were 3 minutes from home... and he puked all over the backseat. Probably not my favorite part of this trip.

Mt. Rainier hid from me the entire time I was there, except I got to see it all lit up pink on my way back to the airport. Of course you would do that, Mt. Rainier. EVERY time I'm in Seattle I somehow miss a view of it, even when I'm right in front of it, and it's tucked into clouds. I WILL see all of you, Mt. Rainer. I. WILL.

These trips over to the west side have started to become more and more frequent for me, whether it's for work, or just an excuse to see my friends and see some epic views. Every time I go, I'm more convinced that I'll be moving over there soon. Maybe not this year, or next, but soon. Seattle has always had my heart and I'm ready to live near all the amazing scenery there is to offer!

Let's just say... I've already booked myself another trip over in June.

(P.S.: make sure to scroll through all of the shots, there's some pretty goon-y ones of Colton hidden in here for your enjoyment.)

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