DuraMax & Vroom || The Mascots of The Yuppy Puppy

As some of you may or may not know, aside from being a photographer and growing my business, I also work full time at the best pet store in town, The Yuppy Puppy! We do grooming, daycare, self serve baths, and all kinds of awesome food and treats for your dogs (and cats.) It's a blast, and I love it. 

The owner, Aquila, has 2 dogs named DuraMax (Max for short) and Vroom (Roo for short), and they're the store mascots. Max's face is even in the logo! Old man Max is officially senior citizen now, so we felt like it was a good idea to get some good photos of him in his old age. The boys also got adorable new bow ties, so it was a perfect opportunity to take some cute photos!

Here's the roundup from my short portrait session with Max and Roo. It was a blast to watch them run and play! Sometimes, I kind of can't believe I'm building a business where I get to take pictures of dogs. I swear, I can hardly call this work.

(PS: there's some really good dog derps in here, and those are my favorites.)

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