We Basically Went To Canada. 🇨🇦 || Two Daytrippers

July 1st was Canada Day, so it's only appropriate that Rachel and I almost (accidentally) went to Canada. Like, we're talking less than 10 miles from the border before we realized how close we were, and then Snapchat (thank you, social media obsession) reminded us that it was Canada Day and in that moment I'd wished so bad that I had my passport. 

Let's just say that I'm gonna get my enhanced drivers license real soon, and then, Canada, WE'RE COMING FOR YOU.

On Friday, we set out on yet another day trip adventure, with Sullivan Lake as the destination. We got a lazy start to the day, heading up late morning and getting to the lake at about 1:30. We lounged around on the beach and in floaties in the lake for a couple hours, walked around the shore and nearby campground, came back to the beach for some more sun, and then headed out. It was in this moment that I realized how much sun I'd actually gotten; we were victims of the elusive cloud burn, and neither us wore any sunscreen. (As I'm currently writing this a day later, half of my body is a shade similar to a lobster. Super fun. Will I ever learn? #palepeopleproblems.)

The events that followed were very unplanned. We headed towards Metaline Falls, which, because of the name, I assumed there would be some sort of waterfall somewhere. Well, no waterfall to be found. We headed back towards Ione, just south of Metaline, but I was distracted by a sign that said "Gardner Caves" and "Boundary Dam". It sounded interesting, so we last minute turned down that road to see what we would find. Upon a quick google search, the caves looked meh; not good enough to go far out of the way for, but the dam looked promising. As we pulled to the the entrance, there was a sign that says "stop at security check point ahead."

Security check point? Border patrol? Were we actually this close?

Turns out we definitely were. We pull up to the guy standing there, and I ask him, "are we allowed to go see the dam?" He says, "no, you must have an escort with you, or you can take a scheduled tour." I'm assuming this dam was so close to the border that they don't want to risk people trying to cross over illegally? I don't know. But that's the closest I've ever been to a different country and now I'm itching to cross that border, soon. 

Sadly, we drove away from Canada, on Canada Day, never actually entering the country of maple syrup and epic mountain lakes (google "Moraine Lake, or "Lake Louise") and, according to Rachel, "bagged milk". However, we still pulled over a couple times to take photo of the land north of us, which we were both convinced was definitely Canada. We may not have been in Canada, but we saw it. We freaking saw Canada.

Before I show you the photos from our day, we have a cool announcement: Rachel and I have started a joint Instagram account for our day trips! Over there, we'll be posting photos from our past and future outings, and we're excited to share all of our fun adventures with you guys. I hope it inspires some of you guys to get out a drive somewhere new for a day; adventure is good for your soul! Just beware of sunburns, and Canadian borders. (Too specific of advice? Possibly.)

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