A Perfect Sunday Afternoon. || Sullivan Lake

Sunday's have become a hot commodity in my life, because usually I work them. However, for the month of October, I have a few Sunday's off, and you bet I'm gonna be out taking advantage of all of them! I don't quite know what it is about Sunday, but it doesn't feel like Saturday or Friday. Sunday just feels like a day you should be outside, enjoying nice views.

Rachel, Maggie and I headed up to Sullivan Lake last Sunday for some fall colors and photo ops. Even better; Maggie is taking a photography class at school so I jumped on the opportunity to teach her the basics of a DSLR. Nothing makes me happier than shooting with some of my best friends, and this was no different.

Sullivan Lake is located in the north eastern corner of Washington, close to Ione and Metaline Falls. It almost reminds me a little bit of the lakes you see en route to the west side with large, evergreen covered hills, mirrored reflections, and remnants of old tree stumps on the shorelines. Sullivan Lake has quickly become a little piece of western Washington for me. It is no rocky mountain face, but it definitely does the job.

The fall colors up there are just getting going, and I'd imagine in a week or 2, they'll be in their prime, and everything will glow yellow. (Maybe I'll just have to return to find out?) Something about fall feels so hurried; it's like all of a sudden, it's just hear, and then you blink and it's gone. I'm especially excited for this fall with lots of engagement, senior, and family shoots to squeeze every little bit out of those autumn colors!

Anyways, here's a recollection of our day at Sullivan, complete with all the dumb goofy photos, because this wouldn't be an accurate portrayal of our friendship if I left those one's out. 

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