All good things must end. || The conclusion of the 2015 52 Week Project

Wow, guys. Wow wow wow. I can resentfully say that I do not follow through with or complete many things... but here's one that I did. The 52 week project was 100% completed! Artistically, this was the biggest endeavor I've ever taken on.

In one year, my photography grew immensely. I learned a ton of new things, explored new locations, shot with new people, and finished off with something amazing: 52 new portfolio images. I mean, a standard photographer's portfolio doesn't have more than like 20 solid images, and now mine has at least 50 of them. It's so crazy to even wrap my mind around how much I've accomplished here! How many hours were spent planning, shooting, editing... I can't even begin to add up that number. The miles travelled, the time spent, the people I got to know through a lens; it's incredible. If you are a photographer, or an artist of any kind, I would highly highly recommend giving yourself a project like this. Whether its 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months, give yourself an assignment to push yourself creatively. I promise that you won't regret it.

Some weeks were easier than others. Some weeks gave me like 15 solid shots from one shoot. Other weeks gave me only one. For a few of the weeks, I couldn't complete a shoot due to either being insanely busy, sick, or dealing with the loss of a friend. But even on those weeks, I took old images and re-edited them with my new knowledge, therefore, still creatively pushing myself.

A life that involves some form of a creative outlet is truly fulfilling, everyone. I would encourage you all to take on creative projects in your lives, because it makes your life so much richer. Additionally, I feel like every year of my life has flown by, previous to 2015, because I didn't have many tangible things to hold all the memories. Now I have 52 images to remind me of all the things I did and places I went this year. 2015 was one for the books, and this is perfect display of that.

To everyone who supported this project, I cannot thank you enough. Whether you modeled, assisted, shared, liked, or even just took a second to look at my photos each week, you matter to me, and the outcome of this. I couldn't be happier about all of it.

Here's to a challenging, but even better 2016! I will not be completing a second 52 week project, but I will be working on some other cool things. Stay tuned!

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