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Hello, friends! I'm back with a blog post today, and this is a good one. I'm super excited to bring you Megan & James' wedding photos! But first, a little backstory on the couple:

Megan and I met in the Fall of 2012 at SFCC, where we were both enrolled in the Photography program there. We clicked, and as our group of friends grew at school, so did our friendship! Our "Fhoto Family", as we liked to call it, spent every Friday together, lunching at various places all over Spokane and spending all of our free time together. My time with Megan and the rest of the fam are some of my favorite memories.

One day, at school, Megan had told us that one of her friends from home had her texting a guy in the marines who was also from her hometown, but they'd never met before. We were excited for her, of course, but also interested to see if things with them would really pan out, since he was stationed over in North Carolina. I remember the time when Megan and I sat in the lobby of the photo building, skyping Jimmy; this was my first time meeting him, and I couldn't deny how perfect they would be for each other. 

Flash forward: Megan and Jimmy are dating, Megan flew to North Carolina to meet Jimmy and attend the marine ball, and their relationship was solid. In November of 2014, Cassie, the momma bear of our Fhoto Family, sent me an extremely exciting Facebook message telling me that Jimmy had asked Cassie to photograph their engagement, and that I was going to be the videographer. 

Watching their relationship has been awesome, and so you can imagine my excitement when Megan asked Abby (my best friend and another member of the Fhoto Fam) and I to be her wedding photographers. Nothing is a bigger compliment than one of your friends liking your work enough that they want you to document one of the biggest days in their relationship.

So here we are, at the wedding day, and of course, the forecast is full of rain. I mean, consistent, all day rain. As wedding photographers, we only had one chance to get all the shots we needed, so what do we do? Improvise! Even though the weather crunched us on time, we somehow made it all work, and the skies even cleared up for the ceremony! 

Despite the rain and the multiple power outages, Megan and Jimmy's wedding was nothing short of beautiful, and I felt so honored to get to capture their day, along side my best friend. Every day I keep having to question how I possibly get to do this as work and get paid for it. It's a dream.

And, as a cherry on top of the whole thing, Megan and Jimmy chose the song I put in their engagement video as their first dance song. Huge. Freakin'. Compliment. 

So, without further ado, here's their wedding! The first gallery is everything pre-ceremony, and the second gallery is the ceremony and everything after it. Enjoy, and leave me a comment letting me know what you think! Also, if you're looking for a wedding photographer, you know who to ask! (It's me. You should probably ask me.)

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