2015 52 Week Project // Week 17: Friendship therapy. (With Before & After)

Yes, I know I'm writing this blog post like 2 weeks after the fact. Let's just ignore that fact. (We can't all always be on top of things!)

This week, I got a chance to spend some time with my good friend, Clare. We originally made plans to meet up and talk about contracts, and other boring business-y stuff. Well, being us, we all know how well that worked. We sat in Rockwood Bakery for approximately 3 hours talking everything but contracts. I mean, if having them opened up on your computer and attempting to work on them for two minutes every hour counts, then sure. 

However, I was in desperate need of some good old fashioned, ranty girl talk, and Clare was just the right fit. We shared embarrassingly bad old photos (believe it or not, us photographers used to suck!), talked about frustrations with client mishaps, the scary realities of moving away from home, and how sometimes, we question our career choices almost every day. Making the choice to become a photographer means no guaranteed work, no salary, no benefits, no 9-5 hours. It's a scary, scary choice. However, in my opinion, it's arguably one of the most fulfilling professions, and absolutely none of it feels like work. 

Spending time with Clare somehow feels like I'm aligning all the mis ordered parts of my life, and I leave feeling so much better than I did before. She truly knows how to make others feel important. Props to you, Clare, for being one of the best, most helpful, and most understanding friends!

After deciding that getting any more work done was nearly impossible, we headed across the street to Manito park, and adventured around in the lilacs. Let me tell you, I now understand why we calls Spokane the lilac city, and if you get the chance to get outside and frolic around in them, I highly highly recommend. Also, take someone as adorable as Clare with you and take pictures of them. Instant good day. 

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