2015 52 Week Project // Week 11: The Cutest Human Being On The Planet (With Before & After + BTS)

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts and prepare for cuteness overload: Week 11 with Clare is here! This week, I decided to go the polar opposite of last week and create some really fun, spring inspired images at Manito Park. Who better to use as my model for the week than Clare, one of the happiest and most positive people I've ever met? Clare can make anyone laugh in a matter of minutes, and just her infectious personality will wear off on you. 

As always, I'd seen an idea for a shoot with a bicycle on Pinterest when I first started doing all my research for ideas to photograph in this project. Luckily, Jasmina owns the bike you are seeing in the photos with Clare, which is perfect for what I wanted to do. Jasmina also happens to live right next to Manito Park, which allowed her to ride her bike over for our shoot. This may have actually been the first week where everything went as planned!

We were given a little hint of spring, with some pretty golden hour light and some warm weather. We walked around the park, shot some photos, and laughed a lot, which made for some of the cutest shots of Clare! These photos of her are true portrayals of her personality; she really is the kind of person you want to be around all the time, just because she makes you happier for no reason at all.

Editing these photos was especially enjoyable for me; if you're a photographer, you know how much fun it is to work on golden hour images. Cameras inherently shoot photos in a low contrast and low vibrance, allowing you to push them pretty far in post production. This is why you can see such a visible different in the before and after! You also may notice that there are a couple people in the background that I removed in post. Photoshop is a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

I'm keeping the blog post short this week, because I think you'd rather probably look at the images than listen to me ramble on about how much I love them. So, here they are!

Here's a photo of me laughing like a goon at how adorable Clare is, taken by Jasmina!

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