My First Wedding! Calysta & Brady Watkins, June 28, 2014 (Shot w/ Heidi Pratt of Glimpse Photography)

So, we're all just going to ignore the fact that these images were shot a half a year ago, and you're just now seeing them, because WHAT THE HECK, JESSICA SHOT A WEDDING?! That's right people, last summer I conquered my fear (which is shared my many many other photographers who've never done it before) of shooting a wedding. And, surprise surprise, I actually kind of liked it!

This wouldn't have been possible without Heidi Pratt, a photographer who I interned with for my internship requirement at SFCC last spring. She has a newborn studio, but she's done her fair share of weddings, and as part of my internship with her, I got to second shoot this one! It was an amazing (and exhausting) experience, I learned so much about what goes into planning and coordinating shooting a wedding, posing couples, and how much work it truly is. Wedding photographers are really committed, awesome, talented people, and it's a whole new level of photography that is intense, stressful, scary, and so rewarding all at the same time. This is not the last wedding I'll be shooting, and I'm really excited to add wedding photography to my repertoire of skills I can offer to clients!

Before checking out the photos, please go take a look at Heidi's photographer and like her Facebook page: she's one of many talented photographers I've gotten to work with! If you ever need a newborn photographer, she's your go to in Spokane. 

Glimpse Photography Spokane

Drumroll please....

I'll just let these speak for themselves. 

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