Sally & Kevin Burchett || Married || Mont Lamm Events

Alright everyone, brace your eyes for epic stuff: Sally & Kevin's wedding is officially here!

This past month, I've been spending all of my free time getting their wedding edited to perfection, and every time I worked on their photos, it was pure magic. Let me just tell you, their wedding could not have been more perfect! From a photographer's standpoint, everything was so visually appealing and I don't think we were ever given a case of bad light. And of course, Sally and Kevin are an amazing couple, and just by spending a day with them, I could tell they were so in love. Guys. I could not have asked for a better set up. 

So here are some things about the couple, if you don't know them personally:
Sally and Kevin truly beat the odds of most high school relationships. Not only did they last past high school, but decided to go to colleges on 2 opposite ends of the country, and made it through 4 years in a long distance relationship. They are a rare success case, but if you know them, you know that they would be one of the few couples to make it work. 

Growing up, I remember seeing them both around, because I was close friends with both of their younger siblings, Molly and Susan. I remember being kids, and going into Kevin's room when he wasn't home and messing with all of his things. (Sorry, Kevin, my bad!) When I showed up to Sally's house on her wedding day, her parents both told me about how they'd found old photos of me and asked, "wait, is that Jessica?" We all go back a ways! And their wedding was nothing short of a high school reunion. (Well, at least for me!) It's kind of crazy to see where everyone is at in life now; we've all grown up and changed, but in a way, everyone is still the same. 

When Sally contacted me to shoot her wedding, you could not even guess how excited I was. This was going to be the wedding of all weddings, and I knew that it was going to be incredible. There were mixed feelings for me; I was super happy to do it, but also terrified, because it was the first wedding I'd booked that was my own. And believe me, this was not the one I wanted to mess up on!

Well, good news, because I didn't mess up. And it was amazing and perfect and everything a wedding photographer could even ask for. Kevin and Sally, thank you for picking such a beautiful venue, and being such a great couple to work with. Your guys' love is infectious and so much fun to photograph. Your wedding was one of my favorite days as a photographer so far, and will be one I'll remember for a long time! 

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