Best of 2014!

Hey everyone! If you're reading this in 2014, I hope you had an awesome year. And if you're reading this is 2015, Happy New Year! 

I went back through my images from the past year and pulled out some of my favorite portrait shots. Yes, I did shoot more than just fashion, lifestyle and senior portraits this year, I shot some landscapes (Palouse Falls to Mt. Rainier), a family reunion, street photos, second shot a wedding, did some large production shoots, and took plenty of candids to go around. However, I wanted to share my favorites of the kind of work that I want my career to become. So, enjoy! I'm really proud of how my work has progressed in 2014, I've narrowed my focus on what I want to do and I've furthered my skills in both shooting and post production. (Can you say, "frequency separation"? Changed my retouching life.) In 2015, I have every intention of progressing even further, and I hope you'll all join me for the ride! 

Thanks to everyone who supported me in 2014, you are all the coolest people in the world. Virtual hugs for all of you. :)

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