My 2015 Seniors

As I just wrote that title, I thought, "MY 2015 seniors. Are these guys like my kids, or...?" I will say, their photographs have been like my children. Each shoot has been a different challenge for me, a different person, a different location, and a different experience all together. Some of them I've known personally for a long time, and some of them I'd just met on the day of the shoot! I'd like to share with you a little bit about each shoot, and some of my favorite shots from them.

Jalisa: Jalisa is such a fun, happy, bubbly girl. She was smiling the whole time, in fact, when I asked her for a more serious expression, it was hard for her to hold back the giggles. Jalisa was so easy to work with, and a great kick off to my senior photo season!

Emma: Emma is one of my closest friend's sister, and someone who's photos I'd been really excited to shoot. Emma is a pretty unique high school senior: she plays the french horn, and also flies a plane. Yes people, you did read that correctly, FLIES A PLANE. One of the many privileges of being a photographer is getting to shoot different things or have access to things that your average person wouldn't. We got to shoot with her plane at a small, private airport during sunset. If that doesn't make this job worth it, I don't know what does. 

Ryan: Ryan's photos hold a special place in my heart; I've known Ryan since he was 4 years old, and I've watched him grow into the awesome guy he is now. I'm so happy to have gotten to take his senior photos, and I'm especially excited about the way they came out. Additionally, the natural light that day was BOMB.COM!

Rachel: Rachel's session was full of awesome light (partially thanks to my assistant, Colton) and her dog Frisky, which was super cute! We got to shoot up at Greenbluff, and the orchards make for one of the prettiest backdrops. However, it helps when you have a stunning subject to shoot!

I'm so happy with how each senior shoot turned out this year. All of them were totally unique and different, and that's what makes this job fun: you never know what to expect out of a shoot! Seniors have always been one of my favorite things to shoot, so now that senior photos are all done for the year, I've got to find something else to keep me busy. (Couples and family shoots, anyone?) 

I hope you all got to enjoy these images as much as I did! 

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