I'm THAT person.

So yesterday, Steven and Chris and I made a last minute decision to go shoot out at Palouse Falls. I'd never been there before and we calculated that we could make it before sunset, so we figured, why not?

About halfway there, we stopped to get gas. I was getting my camera out of the trunk so I could shoot along the way; I go to turn it on so I could format my memory card and something isn't right. The camera isn't turning on... why isn't the camera turning on?!


Oh, but of course this would happen to me. Earlier in the day, I put my battery on the charger to make sure I would be all good to go for the whole trip. A battery dying for a photographer is kind of the kiss of death. However, forgetting to put the battery back in the camera entirely is definitely worse than that.

I definitely wanted to kick myself. I'm that girl who went to Palouse Falls for the first time with nothing to shoot with but her iPhone.

I mean, I suppose I got some good shots for my Instagram at the very least, right? (insert self promotion here... follow my photography Instagram at @jessicamummphotography!) I got to play model a little bit as well, which is always fun! Chris also let me shoot on his camera on the way down there, so it wasn't totally a lost cause.

Here's a shot from Chris' camera.

Overall, it was still a fun trip. You can't really go wrong on adventures with friends to cool places, regardless of if you brought your fancy camera or not. I think I understand now what people mean when they talk about not taking their camera to places and just living in that moment. It's kind of refreshing to just go somewhere and take it all in, instead of being behind the camera the whole time and worrying about all the little technical things. I think the overall experience was better because of it, and it just gives me an excuse to go back with a charged battery IN my camera!