Alternative fashion.

So it all started when the Photo Arts Club put out a contest: the duct tape challenge. I was in the meeting when we were planning it, and I have to be honest, I didn't think it was gonna be that fun. We  had a bunch of issues figuring out the judging and the layout of the competition.

On the day the challenge was announced, myself and everyone else was skeptical. But it didn't take too long to turn that around. Within 30 minutes, everyone had grouped up, planned entire shots, and left excited, including myself! I always find it interesting when people throw their ideas together, what results from it. I came into the group with the idea of creating a duct tape suit and doing a fashion type shoot with a guy, instead of a girl. But I'm so glad we did this instead!

I had a fantastic group of people to work with. Richard and Steven were great with working the lighting and Abby did an awesome job getting Michelle's duct tape outfit all put together. And Michelle... don't even get me started. This girl is a natural model. She steps in front of the camera and becomes this kind of fluid being that can do whatever you ask of her. (I will definitely be photographing her in the future.) I did the shooting for this project, and I have to say that I'm beyond happy with the outcome! Shooting stuff like this makes me want to do more fashion directed photography in the future of my career.

All in all, this challenge ended up being a lot of fun, and regardless of whether we won or we lost, I still would have been entirely happy with it. Although, we did win, so there's a bonus. :)

Props to all the other groups as well, the outcome of this whole project was immensely successful! Not only were some fantastic images produced, but it brought groups together and it challenged people's creativity beyond what they though they could do, myself included.

The best things about photography I've experience this far is the friendships it's created for me. These are people I'll know and appreciate for a lifetime, and resources I'll always have throughout my career as a photographer.