Trying new things.

Good news: my computer is back! After a painful situation at the Apple store, I basically sold them my soul, and now my computer is back and better than ever. I'm honestly just happy to move on from this nightmare!

I can finally share some images with you guys that I shot last Thursday in studio for fun. There's a lighting setup I've seen all over the place, including the 2013 National Geographic Photo Issue that really struck me. I've been wanting to try it for a long time now, and I finally just decided to go for it after having an idea for a series hit me at work, and having an application for this lighting!

(These are some of the photos from National Geographic that captured my attention.)

Just by looking at the catchlights in the eyes, you can tell how any photograph is lit. The lighting here is two strip banks (AKA, thin, rectangular soft boxes), and probably some kind of background light. In my shots, I mimicked this light pretty close, except for lighting the background to go white instead of a light grey. I really wanted a high key look for my images. However, I do think ti would be interesting to try it with a darker background and a rim light. (Photographer speak... sorry.)

Here's my take on it! The model is Abby. I'm so obsessed with this lighting now. I really want to do more fashion-y head shots with dramatic makeup and hair to really bring it all around.

We even did a couple shots just for fun! The first shot is Marc, lookin' super classy in my shades, and the right shot is Richard's dog Albus. (Yes. As in Albus Dumbledore.)

I'm excited to show you guys the series I shot with this lighting! Look for it coming soon!