So this crazy thing happened.

Last summer, I took this photo at the Spokane County Intestate Fair that I've ended up really falling in love with. It's one of my top 5 favorite shots, probably. It's been on my photo page for a while, got it's fair amount of attention, nothing special, and it moved on down my feed. Recently, I've been working it into a lot of my stuff: the cover of my portfolio, some photo transfer assignments, a gallery submission, and the cover photo of my Facebook page. I also recently joined a group on Facebook called the Inland Outlook Photo Club. I thought I would introduce myself and share a bit of my work with everyone so they could see what I do, and this was one of the images I posted.

Someone commented on the photo with this: "Taryn and Connor!" I look at it for a second and thought, this photo is of a boy and a girl, and those are boy and girl names... does this person know these kids?!

Sure enough, she did. One was her husband's grandchild and the other was that grandchild's cousin. I went from having this candid photo of two anonymous people to these kids having identifications. It's a small world, apparently!

She tagged the parents in the photo on my Facebook page and long story short, now they love the photo and would like to buy prints. I'm beyond excited; these are my first print sales ever! Maybe these will be potential clients. Maybe they will tell their friends about me. Maybe all they'll do is like my page. Or maybe they'll buy prints, be happy with them, and that will be all. I don't even care. Because this seems like the start... and I'm not going back from here!

Ahhh, optimism. You're kind of the greatest.