Recently I've been really interested in double exposures. Something about combining different textures and subjects in to one photo, in all honestly, just looks really cool. So a couple days ago I went rummaging through a ton of old photos on my computer: some from the very beginning of my time in the photography program, some from my road trip to Seattle a couple summers ago, some from a trip to Oregon, some that were just random photos of flowers I've taken. None really held any photographic merit, none of them were any special by any means.

But I found this magic in combining two totally average photographs and being able to make something visually and aesthetically beautiful. I've never found a use for these old files until now.

I really want to shoot photos with a purpose to make them into double exposures as an end result now. These are the things I love about photography; just when you think you've learned everything, you learn one more thing, and you can run with that in a totally new direction.

Oh, winter break, thank you for providing me with enough boredom to force me to be creative.